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Community Token

BBC Tokens is not typical ICO/IEO token. Its community powered token. Available to Blockchain community for good cause of awareness.

No Fund Rising

BBC Tokens available to crypto holders who already into the crypto and Blockchain world. Earning BBC Tokens is completely decentralized. BBC not available to purchase through any platforms.

Blockchain Extension

BBC Tokens contracts notes are directly connected to related multi Blockchain of BTC|ETH. Hence distributed ledger keeps BBC Token algorithms transparent

Private keys with Users

Let your crypto work for you. The users can stay in control of their funds without the need to store/share any private key on Servers. We never ask to store/send funds on BBC App.

Video Demo

BTC Price
ETH Price
BBC Price
$ 1.3280
$ 25 - $ 10000

How to start earning BBC ?

Registration of Crypto Assets address

Download app and create account. Registration of BTC|ETH address for BBC Tokens Contracts.

Proof of Real Ownership

Crypto assets Proof of real ownership is fully automated process with 24X Multichain Support technology. It is Real-time Blockchain extension. Execution proved sending contract fees strictly from wallet address against which BBC contracts has to issue.

Ownership Approval and contract issuing

Ownership Verification and approval from Blockchain database stored at respective Blocks. Once contract issue user will get Daily 0.6 % BBC Tokens against Crypto Holdings.

User Hold Complete control over assets

All contracts are fully flexible. User can Send Receive and Store any amount any time. No Minimum Limits. Spend your crypto any time.

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BBC Token Details

If you cannot see BBC in your wallet, Kindly click on add custom token





Token Name
Token Symbol

Verified by Ethereum Developers

App screen


Share & Earn

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BBC Token Referral Program

BBC Token Community offers its own referral marketing program, rewarding customers for each new user they sign up for BBC Token App.After joining the referral program, users are provided with a personalised BBC Refer Code to share with their network. then, for each new approved contracts user gets daily BBC Tokens as rewards. Two types of referral bonus : Direct referrals and Community referrals (The beauty of taking this kind of multi-pronged approach is that you can build one program and then simply keep adding them until you have referrals coming from numerous sources while promoting your refer-ability non stop)

Referral Bonus Condition

All commissions are being paid based on BBC Token earnings of your teammates. This type of commission is often called Direct and Community referral. With every new active direct partner, a new level in your structure will be unlocked. If you recruit a certain number of direct partners coupled with a certain team volume, you will move up your rank and receive matching bonuses from infinite levels.

Token Based Projects

Community Awareness is a service project designed to raise community awareness of a Blockchain. Assist communities to become more aware of the opportunity to grow using Blockchain technology. Promote goodwill and public relations for betterment of BBC Token Community. Go beyond lessons in a classroom, money management from centralized finance to spread awareness of Blockchain and open ledger on a larger scale.

Community Awareness and Research - BBC Token Service Based Project

BBC Token based social media will be published and launched as ‘BIG BOOK’ is project using social media for public involvement on Blockchain technology and innovative start-ups interactions. The project designed and coded for the first step in helping people to navigate this new type of Blockchain based interaction, and we will look to revise and add to technical footprints over time. If you are using social media to actively involve people in research, especially if you are using a Blockchain based type of social media it will generate revenue for influencers. ‘Big Book’ social Media influencers will get paid for every digital act on Big Book.

Big Book - BBC Token Based first Blockchain Social Media Platform

Volatility of Crypto markets has resulted in micro investors struggling to maintain their growth and profitability. BBC Token based commercial financial services includes Crypto Loans, Certificate of Deposits, P2P Decentralised loans and micro finance, Crypto funds providers and angel investors supply investment capital to Blockchain based project start-ups. Crypto Insurance services backed by BBC Tokens will be available for protection of crypto assets.

Financial Services - BBC Token Commercial Micro finance ecosystem

Over the time BBC Token will grow in value. BBC Token certificate of deposit (CD) will be available.CD program will be special type of Digital time bound term contracts which are issued for a specific reference period. Community acceptance will promise to give higher returns than traditional centralized banking. Instant short term Crypto loans against BBC Tokens with ease of convince features like Zero Pre-payment Fees. Flexible Repayment. Minimal procedure time. Collateral Free Loans. It will give higher liquidity to token holders for maximum utility.

Crypto Loans and CD Programs - higher liquidity to BBC token Holders

BBC Token will get increase in the value of an asset over time. The increase can occur for a number of reasons, including increased demand or weakening supply, with multiple BBC Token utility based projects when referring to an upward adjustment of the value of an asset BBC Token. BBC holders and investors can restructure various ‘SWP’ Plans includes interval payouts daily, weekly, monthly,quarterly,semi-annually or annually. Systematic withdrawal plan is most commonly used for passive returns. BBC token a systematic withdrawal plan (SWP) is a facility which allows users to withdraw a fixed amount from invested fund at regular periodic intervals. Hence value of your SWP Contract tokens doesn't depreciate unlike other tokens. In SWP contrast to just holding/investing coins locking them in a smart contract will get large scale appreciation.

BBC Token SWP Contracts - Passive Income financial AID

Ecommerce is by nature highly digital, so it’s no surprise that BBC Token will get value for common types of digital products include ebooks, online courses, software, graphics, and virtual good, physical services can also bought and sold online. Online consultants, educators, and freelancers, techno experts are usually the ones engaging in Blockchain based ecommerce will be crypto enthusiastic.BBC Token based e commerce probably will get branding as ‘BlockStoreChains’ parties participating in the transaction. These typically include (B2C) (B2B) (C2B).Ecommerce journey will bring BBC Tokens utility at next level.

BBC crowd funding platform will help to raise and collect fund for an individual or organization. Crowdfunding has the ability to make a huge impact on people’s lives. Crowdfunding does all of this through the power of people and the belief that people inherently want to help others. Crowd funding is best way for pitching a project or business through the online platform can be a valuable form of marketing and result in public attention.BBC token based crowd funding it’s an alternative finance option if you have struggled to get bank loans or traditional funding.

Crowd Funding - BBC token based fast way to raise finance with no upfront fees

OTC Exchange : ‘BigEXCom’ Fully automaded and advance a decentralized crypto market, without a central authority, where market participants trade with one another through ‘BigEXCom’ Trading platform. BigEXCom will be KYC, AML and CFT Featured advanced exchange with availability of Base pair with BBC Token and top crypto currencies and tokens pair. For additional instant liquidity stable coins and ERC based stable coins will be added like TUSD,USDT,USDC,PAX and DAI. We look forward to build high-tech instant liquidity based Crypto Currency exchange.

BBC Token’s BigEXCom - Advance high-tech trade engine supported trading platform.

Supported BTC Wallet

Supported ETH Wallet


BBC Contracts

$25 - $10000

Daily : 0.6% BBC Token

(BBC against BBC holdings)

Validity : 365 Days

Algorithm : 24X MCS AI


Now Available On

BBC token is community powered token. We are not here to raise fund from institutional investors. We are empowering Blockchain community User holds complete authority of crypto assets. We believe on

`Let Your Crypto Work For You`

Hold your crypto at your wallets and earn daily BBC Tokens.

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BBC Token is crypto currency.a new cryptocurrency designed to have a scalable and reliable value and be widely accepted by BBC Community.Developed for BBC Community and BBC marketplace.
You can simply download BBC Token Mobile Application and create account. Make sure you save account details securely. Account seed is very crucial and important. We always suggest writing down account seed, passwords and transaction PIN on physical paper/notebooks for safekeeping. Maybe you saved it on your computer!
BBC Token is world’s first No Fund rise Unique Community Token exclusively available for Blockchain enthusiastic and crypto holders controlled by smart BTC|ETH Contracts.
We have developed high-tech AI Interface system (24X MCS API )for Distributor ledger monitoring supports Multichains.
We have developed app with ultra modern information architecture. Used Flutter for App development framework. Flutter is an open-source mobile application development framework created by Google.
BBC Token contract fees is 50$. User can pay partial amount with BBC Tokens its limited to 50% i.e valued of 25$. Contract fees verifies real ownership of Crypto holders.
Safety and security are BBC Token's highest priorities. User never store fund with BBC Tokens app or website. User holds complete control over Crypto. Blockchain’s high security is capable to safeguard crypto. We never ask to send funds instead of Contracts fees.
We have designed fundamental stable crypto currency and token issuing policy is regulated according to contracts. For More details about BBC Token fundamentals refer Yellow paper of BBC Token.